Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Starting Again...

So I accidentally took a just over 3 years break from this space!  I feel like I'm finally ready to try and give this little space on the internet the focus it deserves.  I am going to try my best to not put too much pressure on myself for this to be anything other than a happy place for me to document what I'm up to creatively.

How I've been spending my free time!
One of the things that kept me busy whilst I've been away was my PGCE!  It was something I had been avoiding meaning to do for a long time.  It took up a lot of my time I would have usually spent getting creative over the past 2 years.  As of last week I am officially all done and submitted;  I can start to focus on making work and fun creative pastimes.

My Happy Place has looked very different these past 2 years!


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