Sunday, 3 March 2013

fancy a cake pop?

Did you know I love to bake?  I got this beauty below the Christmas before last and I don't think there has been a week that has gone by where I've not used it.  Invite me to your house and I wont be bringing flowers I prefer to say it with baked goods.

This week I was tasked with making 80 cake pops for a birthday celebration.  I made chocolate cake with vanilla frosting covered in white chocolate and decorated with black and orange edible pearls.

If you've ever wondered what 80 cake pops look like then this is it!  I hope they go down a treat I was very tempted to eat one but didn't make any extras.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

a sneaky peak...

I've got lots of top secret projects on the go at the moment which proves a little tricky when it comes to the world of blogging. 

Tonight I have been whipping up custom travel journal for a birthday gift for a friend of mine who is going on a lovely little trip with her hubby for her 50th birthday this weekend.  I also made a never been seen before 50 things to do before 60. 

As for the rest of what I'm up to well that's just too top secret to share at the moment.  Watch this space as I will be taking lots of bad photographs photographs to share here once it's safe.

a trip to the big smoke

This half term me and Mr Sew Make Smith took a little trip to The Big Smoke.  We had a great time visiting The Sunday Up Market. We were wowed by what we saw and I was truly inspired by the all the fab handmade and vintage for sale.  Our taste buds were also tickled by yummy sushi and dumplings; definitely worth a visit if you have never been before.

We also got to stay in a spiffy hotel were we were greeted with warm cookies and treated to fizz and popcorn!  Who could ask for anything more!?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Formby Village Market

I realise I'm still not getting the hand of this regular blogging business but please do try to put up with my lack of posts I will try harder!  I know you are all dying to find out about the craft fair after all it has been nearly two weeks so here goes...

my section of our stall in all it's glory

a close up shot of my paper and fabric loveliness
The Craft Fair was busy but unfortunately there didn't seem to be much buying going on.  I did make a few sales and was so lucky to have such great friends, family and colleagues who came to support us.  Even though I didn't make my first million I am so glad I did it.  It was a great experience and a lot of fun.  The deadline was a good goal for making me produce lots of work.  It has made me more excited about this year and launching SewMakeSmith and all the opportunities that await me.  Now I just need to get everything listed on etsy so I can sell sell sell! 

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Since we last spoke...

So I know I'm supposed to be blogging on a regular basis in line with my resolution but I've been kinda busy...

Making work for my first craft fair has been really hard as I am starting from scratch, building up a stock of products to sell.  I am using this as a testing the water exercise so am trying to make lots of different types of things.  I have been sewing, printing, cutting and sticking like a crazy lady!  It's been the last thing I've thought about before going to sleep and the first thing I've thought about when I wake up but I've really enjoyed myself and surprised myself as to what I've achieved.

I need to make sure I am making time to document my journey through this blog and learn to take more pictures, using a real camera not just my iphone!  Finding a balance between making and blogging will be a struggle for me but I'm determined to get there so watch this space...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2013 the year for change...

My new years resolutions for the past few years have been the same
  1. Start blogging
  2. Make and sell my work
I have failed miserably every year probably for fear of failure but this year things are going to be different! 2013 is the year for change and generally making it happen!  I truly believe I'm going to come out of this year a very different person, almost unrecognisable (in a good way).  So this is it I am frantically making stock to sell at a craft fair and online and blogging about it as we speak.  All I have to do is sell some work and keep up the momentum and my resolutions will have been achieved.  What do you want to make happen in 2013?  Come on lets all do it together and take over the world!
a sneaky peek at what I'm up to