Monday, 30 May 2016

My Finished Umbrella Prints Entry

This bank holiday weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to finish off my entry for the Umbrella Prints 2016 Trimmings Challenge.  I still had to add my hand stitch detail, which for me is totally like adding the sprinkles to cake you have baked.

My "Little Helper" insisted on sitting on my knee while I worked!
Once I was happy with my piece it was time to fame it and photograph.  I think the Mountain Girl fabrics look fab against the green walls in my house; I'm obviously drawn to those colours.  Here is my finish entry, I'm pretty pleased with the results but am more happy that this challenge has inspired me to start creating again.  I feel like I am motivated to put myself out there and make new work and just enjoy the process of creating without worrying about who or what I'm making for.

My Finished Entry #umbrellaprintstrimmingschallenge  
All that's left to do now is to email my entry and keep my fingers and toes crossed!

Framed design in my dining room

Close up detail - Poodle

Close up detail - Pug

Close up detail showing hand stitch 

Close up detail showing hand stitch 


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