Saturday, 18 June 2016

Adventures in Laser Cutting

Something very exciting happened at my work this year…we got a laser cutter!  I love laser cut products and have been a fan of the detail and professional quality you can achieve from using a laser cutter.  It has been great fun learning how to use this shiny new piece of kit and exploring the creative possibilities it has to offer to our students.  It arrived in time for some Christmas gift making totally essential practice, which was a bonus too!

Necklace for me ;-)

Whale necklace combining different coloured and transparent acrylic

I was so excited I kind of went crazy ordering myself bright and shiny acrylic in all the colours of the rainbow to have a play around.  I love anything that can be personalised and also love the look of in your face acrylic jewellery.  Here are some of the results of my experimenting.  

It has been great for me to develop my Adobe Illustrator skills and also make me think about drawing becoming products or more 3D.  I would like to develop some statement pieces that are more sculptural.  I also like the idea of exploring layering and combing different materials.  I can’t wait to try out some different things.


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